Crochet Tutorial 5 Stitch Cable Crochet

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Crochet Tutorial
5 Stitch Cable Crochet

Now also for beginners!

The 5 Stitch Cable Crochet belongs to a serie of thousands Cable Crochet versions. Just like all the others is also the 5 Stitch Cable Crochet a unique example. The woven texture & the charming appearance makes the Stitch certainly worth practising!

The 5 Stitch Cable Crochet Tutorial is specially made for beginner crocheters! With simple instructions, “Step by Step” explanations & clear photo’s is the 5 Stitch Cable Crochet a piece of cake. So, click on the link below & start learning this amazing stitch!

Crochet Tutorial 5 Stitch Cable Crochet

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